The Hatter’s Beginning

Walking back on the steps I would every day see
But now it all seems different from what I perceived
So lost was I, in the shadows of dark clouds
I missed the light smiling down at me

And today, under the sunlight, I woke up
Took my shoes off; drank the flowers in my cup
Listened to the songs of the bird
Sang along with her; the songs unheard

We skipped, we hopped, we came to a stop
Saw a long empty road and exchanged a nod
We flew, we ran, we swam until we felt God
For today, The Mad Hatter came out of her pod.

– QK | 11th March 2015

How It Began

Quratulain Khalid Art 1

It was absolutely necessary to shed skin. The way a snake would do; To allow continuous growth. She looked down to where the roots were deeply rooted in the society; Watered and well fed. She looked up to where she could see flowers blooming and birds flying; Just the way she had always imagined.

The roots had to be cut off. The cloths had to be taken off. She had to fly but she did not have wings.

She tried anyway and fell on the ground. But did it stop her?

No, it didn’t.

Bruised but elated, she decided to take the leap of faith.