Some thoughts on changes.

Growing up, I always believed in changing my self to be accepted by others. I know now how wrong that was. Then I decided to pull the brakes and did whatever I wanted to. I went from being extremely flexible to extremely rigid.

Today, I believe that one must be firm with their beliefs but some changes if leading to a better you in every possible, positive way is never a harmful thing, but where do we stop?

When do we stop?

Do we keep evolving till we take our last breath? Is death really a signal to tell us that now we’re finally complete hence time to go to the other side?

The Unanswered Prayers

Some of God’s greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers [Garth Brooks]

This quote has been my inspiration to write tonight. The unanswered prayers and the ones that He did answer are both my source of happiness tonight.

All our lives are spent running after love
All the nights are spent dreaming about the one

This roller coaster of a life we live,
Sometimes scary and sometimes a dish

I close my eyes and jump ahead,
Not knowing how fate plays in the end

I laugh and I cry
Mostly, I don’t know why

Like a fish, I dive deep
Like a bird, I fly high

Prayers and prayers
Answered and unanswered
Which ones to thank for
Which ones to resent?

Trust is all I know
And faith is all I have

Some of God’s greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers.

My Lost World

Is it the caress of early morning breath,
Or kiss of the first rain drop on my forehead?
My eyes unwrap from forty winks;
Denying me the lavishness of my paradise’s kink
Sluggishly I permit my form to position
And face the fears of the callous reality
Appalling it is to witness the wickedness
Of those who we so warmly accept as our confidant
So baffled I am in my progression to clasp against,
What I assumed to be my little word of happiness
In all veracity is a penitentiary surrounded by evil spirits
Who move around me, torment me, snort at me
And my defenselessness, all the while urging me,
Grasping my figure and coerce me to see before my eyes
This world – this beautiful world I saw at the time of it’s birth
Now destroyed by the one’s who claimed to set everything right
But I also see some around me, smiling with their eyes closed
Are the one’s who now unlike me are still in denial
Basking in the illusory world where peace is still alive
When will they see, when will they realize?
This world, this once appealing world

Wrapped in fire, my once green world – 07th August 2010