Another Part Of Me

My city has been cloudy lately and we’re getting some beautiful drizzle lately. Something about this weather makes gets me excited and upset at the same time. I can never put my finger on it but it turns my emotions upside down.

I was watching ‘Love, Rosie’ today. The movie is based on a book written by Cecilia Ahern, originally titled, ‘Where Rainbows End’. The first book written by Cecilia that I read was ‘PS: I Love You’ and same as that one’s experience, this one made me cry my eye balls out too. No one really knows, but the reason why I lock my door from the inside each time I watch a romantic movie is mainly because I am the world’s biggest weeper. Heck, if two people hug after a fight, I start fighting back tears even if I those people are complete strangers to me.

As a personal goal, this year, I had promised my self to not be embarrassed by what I am. Where openly, voicing out my opinion and beliefs has been a very liberating feeling, I am still struggling with showing my feelings to people. There is this reluctance¬†inside that screams at me, tells me its embarrassing to love, cry or hug the people you love. It’s like a magnetic, invisible force that pulls me back each time I try to pull away from it.

Anyway, I guess, writing about it is a first, baby step. I’m hoping to not be a closet anything by the end of this year. Till then, I shall keep writing and whining.

The Hatter’s Beginning

Walking back on the steps I would every day see
But now it all seems different from what I perceived
So lost was I, in the shadows of dark clouds
I missed the light smiling down at me

And today, under the sunlight, I woke up
Took my shoes off; drank the flowers in my cup
Listened to the songs of the bird
Sang along with her; the songs unheard

We skipped, we hopped, we came to a stop
Saw a long empty road and exchanged a nod
We flew, we ran, we swam until we felt God
For today, The Mad Hatter came out of her pod.

– QK | 11th March 2015