14.11.15 |12:00 AM

I have been trying since the past one week to sit my self down and update this blog, but every time I try, one thing or the other distracts me and then I decide to catch up on my sleep.

I don’t have any specific thoughts in my head tonight except for a ton of gratitude towards the Universe. I keep saying this but 2015 really has been a great year so far and I really hope that I am able to end it on the same note too.

I don’t want to wait till New Year’s eve to write this down due to several reasons out of which a major one is: What if I am dead before it even happens? (<- No, I am not suffering from some disease but I could get hit by a car or something, right? Plus, the world needs to be able to find as much positivity on Google Search as possible and I want to be one of the contributors)

Anyway, before I lose my focus, I am going to list down things (in no particular order) that I have learnt and am grateful for after that horrible 2014 came to an end:

  • 2014 made me realize that I am braver than I thought
  • Everything and anything that we wish to achieve is only an arm’s length away. There is no Wishing Well available to make our dreams come true. We ourselves are what make things happen for us.
  • Anger is a waste of time. Same goes for holding on to grudges. Your decision to whether you want to keep that source of anger in your life or not is the main game changer. Always, ALWAYS wish everyone well, and leave on a good note. It will make you feel lighter than a feather.
  • Insecurities are a drug that slowly kill. Walk around like a boss and you will get the same treatment from the Universe.
  • Being what you are is great! But making a few minor adjustments in your own personality is always a healthy exercise. We are humans after all and have been designed to make mistakes. It’s ok to identify your own flaws and work on them. It is also important to hold your ground where you know you’re right.
  • A friendly expression and gentle tone of voice will take you to many pleasant places.
  • Make everyone feel better about themselves. It will make you special.
  • Your pattern of thoughts are┬áthe key to many doors.
  • Human beings are more powerful than they think.
  • Every minute of exercise is worth it.
  • Friends are sometimes better than relatives. These are people you hand-pick your self unlike relations that we are stuck with since birth.
  • Humanity is much, MUCH greater than any religion.
  • Traveling to any place – even the street across from your home would be fun if the company is fun.
  • Follow the vibes.
  • Keep a track record of the trend of your thoughts and become your own psycho analyst.
  • Give your self a chance to indulge in EVERYTHING you have ever wanted to try.
  • Don’t live to eat. Be kind to your over all system.
  • If people don’t reach out to you, you reach out to them.
  • People who don’t like you for whatever reason, are likely to never like you in the future. Let them be and shift your energy towards those who do.
  • Give yourself time and make a habit of enjoying your own company.
  • I am in a much better place than most people in this world.
  • I have the power to change my story.
  • Helping others will help you too.
  • Don’t let your ego make your decisions for you.
  • A dog’s hug after a long day can sometimes be the only thing you need to relieve you off the stress.
  • Always give love a chance.

Lastly, I’d like to admit that labeling 2014 as a horrible year is unfair. 2014’s taught me a lot and then 2015 brought more lessons. 2016 will be another chapter and a new learning experience.

I am not scared. I am looking forward to it.

Learning To Love Me.

I spent the most beautiful two days in Tharparkar last weekend. When I got back home, I realized that this was all I needed. A simple trip outside of my own city, into a rural area with friends who really know how to connect with nature and a night under the stars.

There were no plans and no rules other than a commitment to talk positive only.

I am beginning to understand why people walk into our lives. God knows, that I have had my share of negative ones in the past and suddenly, I have these beautiful, amazing friends around me who aren’t even aware that I fell in love last weekend.

Maybe it was while watching the sunset in a village with peacocks walking around me, maybe it was when I was talking about life under the stars or maybe it was when I was lying on a haystack under the sun just before I dipped my feet in a pond.

What matters now is that I feel free, alive and happy. And I think I am finally falling in love with my self.